How to solve the problem with erectile function after 40 years

Potency is a marker of well-being men in physical and psychological terms. This sensitive area influenced by different environmental factors related to diet, environment, bad habits, stress and chronic diseases acquired with age. Most often, impotence is temporary, rarely is a symptom of serious pathology. Can understand specialist. Increased potency in men after age 40 is one of the activities of the urologist or another doctor.

what is the potency

What is the potency

From a medical point of view, potency is defined as the ability of man to lead a normal sexual life. In a narrower sense it is characterized by the rate of appearance of erection and duration of sexual intercourse. Potency cannot be equated with the rhythm of intimate relationships.

Male power does not depend on the frequency of sex. Maximum sexual performance stronger sex reaches either full psychological comfort, or the strong emotions, accompanied by the release of testosterone. By the way, the level of this hormone after 35-40 years begins to decline annually by 1.5-2% due to the physiological reasons.

To accelerate this process is capable of a variety of factors:

  • an unbalanced diet;
  • the abuse of alcohol, particularly beer, which contains estrogen;
  • lack of exercise and overweight;
  • metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • the use of synthetic steroid drugs.

A deficiency of androgens in the body leads to the development of a number of problems from cardiovascular disease to impotence (erectile dysfunction).

The older the male, the lower the libido and sexual activity. Nevertheless a healthy person can afford a quality sex life until old age, if you will follow the doctor's recommendations and stay healthy.

Causes lowering potency

Disorders erections in men are associated with interruption of nerve impulses from the brain to the spinal cord and genitals. There are 2 groups of factors that can compromise your system sexual arousal and cause problems with potency in the age of 40 or even earlier – the organic and psychic origin.

The first group includes:

the reasons for the decline of potency
  1. System a chronic disease, leading to disruption of blood supply in male genitalia – severe stage of hypertension, cardiovascular ischemia, and atherosclerosis.
  2. Addiction, contribute to the deterioration of blood circulation – the big experience of Smoking, dependence on alcohol and drugs.
  3. Severe progressive neurological disease (Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis), tumors of the spinal cord/brain, acute violations of cerebral circulation (stroke).
  4. Infections, sexually transmitted diseases (sexually transmitted diseases).
  5. Decompensated forms of diabetes mellitus which lead to the involvement of small peripheral vessels and malnutrition of the tissues.
  6. Thyroid disease (Hypo - and hyperthyroidism).
  7. Inflammatory processes in the testicles, tumor formation, injury and surgery – may cause cessation or decrease in the production of testosterone.
  8. Disease of the genitourinary system – prostatitis, benign hyperplasia (adenoma), prostate cancer.
  9. Violation of the integrity of the spinal cord (injury, fall, surgery).
  10. Long-term treatment with drugs from the group of anxiolytics, sedatives, antidepressants, diuretic medications.
  11. Frequent and long trips on bikes and scooters – these sessions can sometimes result in compression of the nerves, which are suitable to the sex organ.

Psychogenic causes, can lead to problems with erectile function in 40 years, are:

  • the rapid pace of life, stress, frequent stress;
  • generalized anxiety disorder, depressive episodes;
  • "midlife crisis";
  • conflicts within groups and families;
  • constant fatigue;
  • sexual fiasco in the past.

The exact cause of erectile dysfunction is not always possible, this would require the participation of specialists in different fields (urologist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist, neurologist).

Symptoms of sexual weakness

About impotence say in the case where the inability to commit sexual intercourse becomes a regular occurrence, and it is expressed in violation of a whole range of different indicators (presence of libido, duration of erection, psychological satisfaction).

Characteristic signs of impotence in men in 40 years are expressed in the following:

potency after 40
  1. A decrease in libido, weak degree of intensity of sexual desire.
  2. Difficulties with an erection occurs. If impotence psychogenic nature, men may experience spontaneous erections, but the penis doesn't fill with blood. When the organic nature of the dysfunction excitation of no (no morning erections).
  3. The decrease in rigidity and erection. This means that during intercourse the penis can not achieve the required hardness, is kept in the extended state for long.
  4. Failure to maintain a long erection. During sex the penis may decrease and become lethargic.
  5. Rapid onset of ejaculation (early seed eruption) is a manifestation of the organic nature of impotence.

The occurrence of these symptoms should alert, the problem does not go away by itself, its solution will require the participation of a specialist. To determine the cause is necessary to conduct studies in the volume, which will prescribe a physician individually for each patient. The diagnosis is made according to the results of a comprehensive survey.

General principles of therapy

Weakening of potency does not happen in a vacuum, find out why it is important to start therapy.

General guidelines if you encounter problems in the intimate sphere of men are as follows:

  1. It is necessary to consult a specialist to undergo an examination to clarify the diagnosis. If you need to visit specialists in psychiatry, neurology, endocrinology, cardiology.
  2. Try to avoid stressful situations, do not overwork, do not work for wear.
  3. Arrange the correct sequence of sleep and wakefulness, night stay must be at least 8 hours.
  4. To exclude passive pastime on weekends, play sports, do exercises in the morning.
  5. Eat a full and balanced – the diet should be proteins, vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity. Useful seafood, meat, chicken, nuts, greens, tomatoes, peppers, eggs.
  6. To learn the set of exercises to improve the potency (for example, by the method of pins) – this will help the specialists.
  7. It is necessary to refuse or to minimize the presence in my life of tobacco, alcohol.
  8. To monitor the pulse and blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, to undergo periodic medical examinations. Increased rates should be adjusted in a timely manner.
  9. To get rid of excess weight through diet, exercise, and other methods for the advice of a doctor.
  10. Sanitize foci of infection, to treat all existing chronic ailments.
  11. To maintain a trusting relationship, practice regular sex in any way possible with his wife or girlfriend. It will help the man as husband or friend, overcome their complexes, to achieve harder erections, especially when psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

How to increase potency in men in a natural way after 40 years? We must start with the organization of the day, avoiding harmful habits, making changes in the diet. In many cases this is enough to cause the potency to normal.

Drug therapy

drug therapy

Proper diet, healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and special exercises is an indispensable condition that needs to be performed men who want to increase potency and keep it for a long time.

If this is not enough, you have to resort to other means, particularly drug therapy. The treatment is carried out after establishing the cause, resulting in erectile disorder.

What could be the situation:

  • identified somatic pathology – therapy is conducted respectively to the diagnosis (hypertension, atherosclerosis);
  • endocrine disorders – problems with the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) can be treated with hormones, diabetes prescribed insulin or sugar-reducing pills;
  • psychogenic disorders – the effect is achieved with drugs, can considerably improve the blood flow to the penis, of drugs that support libido, increase resistance to stress.

The most common is psychogenic impotence, cure which should only by complex methods involving different specialists.

Medications are popular, they can increase the quality of sex in adult men outstanding cause dysfunction. Subject to the recommendations of the doctor these drugs are safe. Rarely patients may experience adverse reactions in the form of increased blood pressure, headache, allergies or other symptoms should tell the doctor. In such cases, change the dose or cancel the drug. Guided only by the advice on the forums is not worth it.

There are herbal preparations and dietary supplements to improve the quality of life and sexual activity of men. Their action is based on the biological stimulation of the body using the healing power of plants. Supplements can help with chronic fatigue, stress, when the neuro psychological situations as a subsidiary means.

If the cause of impotence problems are a serious internal diseases and disorders of blood vessels in the pelvis, the question of the restoration of erectile function should be decided by physicians of different specialties comprehensively.

Traditional methods

Homemade treatments are used to complement and enhance the effect of the main therapy can sometimes replace medicine, if a serious disease in men is not revealed. Used mainly medicinal plants and bee products.

Recipes very much, here are some of them:

  1. Pine nuts (150 g) should be crushed, placed in a jar, add a Cup of sugar and pour a bottle of good vodka. To insist in a dark place, every day several times to stir. After 3 weeks strain the liquid to leave the Bank, the remaining fraction is placed in another container again, pour the vodka and keep for 3 weeks. Then strain and mix both liquids. To improve the potency drink a half hour meal, 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day. First need to drink half of the total volume of elixir, then take a break for 10 days and repeat 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day.
  2. Need different nuts (walnuts, forest, pine, etc.), as well as apricots, prunes, raisins. Just take a handful, grind, mix and place in a jar. There fill to top of honey may liquid, cover and leave for a week. To drink in the morning on an empty stomach starting with 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day, 10 days gradually increase to 2 tablespoons. A course of 3 months, then a break at the same time and repeat.
  3. The herb thyme (100 g), pour a liter of hot water, put in a thermos for 1-2 hours. Drain, during the day to drink as a tea 3-4 times, you can add a teaspoon of honey. Store no more than days. Every day to make a new infusion. The course is 3 weeks, 2 weeks break and repeat 4 more times with the same breaks. Then after 3-4 months again treatment.

There are many different formulations of popular recipes, everyone can find something according to your taste, but it is necessary to consider possible contraindications. Therefore it is better to consult a doctor.

exercises for potency

Exercises for potency

To improve blood flow and increase erection will help some of the known exercises that should be done regularly with gradual increase in load, the video can be found on the Internet.

Here are some of them:

  • squats in the morning start from 10-12 every day to add the number, you can do with a barbell;
  • "Bicycle" lying on your back to do a simulation of movement when Cycling, as if pedaling;
  • "the bridge" – a difficult exercise that can cause the early difficulties, it is desirable to achieve the maximum possible uplift of the pelvis upward;
  • push-UPS – it is only necessary to lift the upper body and the pelvis try not to tear off the floor, this will strain the abdominal muscles and the perineum;
  • "exercise on all fours" – on the inhale, down the buttocks on the heels and stretch your legs and back without bending hands, to do slowly and gracefully, pulling the spine;
  • to assemble, sitting on a chair,cereal that spilled on the seat between the testicles and anus, the shoulders straightened, the body slightly tilted down, alternately performing the contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the buttocks.

To restore potency can be used a set of exercises Kegel. The essence of the exercise is the muscles located between the anus and testicles. This gives improved circulation in the pelvis and increases the strength and duration of erections. To locate this muscle, you can, if you hold urination while reducing felt on the pubis.

Regularly twice a day is necessary to stretch and relax that area by 10 times in 2 weeks. During exercise it is necessary to stop the urine stream for 2-3 seconds, then relax. The delay time is gradually increased. After 2 weeks take a break for a few days, then back to repeat the 2 week course and so on to six weeks. In the end, it is possible to reduce the muscles for 10 seconds. This exercise will help long-term preservation of erection during sexual intercourse.

Man after 40 years, gradually entering a period of physiological decline, that does not mean the onset of sexual weakness. With respect to health and the presence of nearby sensitive spouse or partner, there is no reason to fear the loss of sexual function in old age.