Strengthen men's power! Something about the potency

Books Vitaly Ostrovsky gained fame not so long ago. This was the video blog of the writer, who in just two years has acquired more than half a million subscribers. And video folk healer Vitaly Ostrovsky was viewed more than 10 million people in our country and neighboring countries. This video-lecture Ostrovsky brought popularity to him and his books.


Biography Of Vitaly Ostrovsky

But as the biography of Vitaly Ostrovsky, we know about it, not so much. According to his own statements he was born in 1955 in the Russian hinterland. What is your educational background and where he worked is not known, and indeed Vitaly Semenovich is not eager to disclose this information. We only know that he moved to Moscow, where she lives at the moment. Also at the request of the writer he is a member of the International Royal Academy of the UN, with the rank of honorary herbalist. Although many doubt the identity of the organization to the UN and its very substantial. And you have such titles as honorable herbalist is not credible. But Yes, investigations on this issue has not been undertaken, a reason not to trust Vitaly Semenovich Ostrovsky we have.

Vitaliy Ostrovsky gained fame through his video blog. The first record of it dated back to January 2016. This date can be considered the starting point of the growing popularity of Travnik. Although at the time the first book came out Vitaly Ostrovsky's "Guarantee of health". But still find this book only on the website of the writer and his social networks. In any bookstore Vitaly Ostrovsky's books are not represented. However, the interest in the lectures of the healer was growing like a snowball. In the end, at the moment you can find several hundred videos Ostrovsky on a variety of topics related to health. Increased the number of books Vitaly Ostrovsky: "Strengthen men's power! Something about the potency", "the cleansing of the body with the gifts of nature," "Self-practitioner", which can be found on its website. And considering its growing popularity, we will soon see a new book by Ostrovsky and possibly on popular Internet resources.